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Collection of art, work processes and random internet dumping by Na Young Irene Lee (aka. IPPUS) Hope you don't get lost :3

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I appreciate the fact that Mamoru doesn’t flinch. Is this a common occurence? Have enough people thrown trash at him that this doesn’t even phase him? Mamo-chan what is your life? 

This is quit annoying but what’s a little effort hue hue

Skullfairy @ AnimeExpo2014


Allllll the infos 8D catalog, location, etcccc



Sailor Moon Crystal: Leaked Opening and Transformation

that transformation was hella disappointing. I imagine that will be how all the other transformations will look ??? so yeah I’m out 

not expecting anything decent from this. lazy cgi shit like that needs to stop jfc



Finallyyyy finisheddddd~
One of my favourite pairings. I also like VixCait, FioraxLux, ZedxAkali 8DDDD

Annddd moreeeeeee

One of our postcards :3 To be sold at AX

Hi ippus! Just wondering, where do you usually get your prints made, and what type of paper/finish do you use? I'm planning to get maybe 15-20 (not sure if thats too much or too little for two days?) prints of one of my works for AX, since a friend is offering to sell some prints for me at his table. I've never sold prints before though, so I don't know anything about the process orz

Hi there! I’m actually in Canada so a lot of my prints are done on special order BULK from a local printer :< Because of that I don’t think where I get mine done would work for you as we have to print much more than 15-20.

If you want a good recommendation, I’d say give CatPrint a go (just google it) as I’ve only heard good things about their printing quality. I’m not sure about paper type but they do colour adjustments so usual things come out pretty accurately/nicely.

If you’re uncomfortable about printing from an online shop however I’d say just google around your area and see if the local print shops would allow you to get print tests done- though as a warning most print shops are pretty weary about doing free print tests if you don’t intend on printing a lot so find one that’s friendly. I swear, it’s important D8!

Photo was from back in Fanime but hey! It’s the best example I can find LOL

Less than a weeks time before I travel again. I swear conventions will be the death of me…

Anyway! Since AnimeExpo is being a pok’gai and solid blocked up the artist alley map, I’m just gonna…dump this here. People have pestered us a lot for the mega lulu print so here’s a bit of a fun thing we wanna do :’D

…No doubt we will regret this considerably given AX is crowded as hell but who cares really? Like really?

I’ll have a completed print list up once I actually have the completed list LOLOLOL

Back to dying and drawing.

Hey guys! This is cute right? Like super duper uguu cute right????

If you agree please help Doyora out by voting in [ ANIME REVOLUTION’S (VANCOUVER) ART CONTEST! ] (Oh and also check out his DA page hahaha)

Because it’s seriously cute Q___Q

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