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Collection of art, work processes and random internet dumping by Na Young Irene Lee (aka. IPPUS) Hope you don't get lost :3

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Gahhh msfortune from skullgirls.
Out for final convention of the month- Fanexpo Toronto at table A207~


Yaaaaaas bitch you brush that cabbage

Wtf lol

Sudden unfortunate turn of events ._.

Oh dear >___< so an update on the situation. The down payment was made and the cat went into surgery, but in the end they had to put tofu down as the surgery wasn’t working out. The owner learned of this 10 minutes into his charity stream Q___Q

Thank you everyone who donated and passed the info around :(

Feel free to send your condolences to : https://twitter.com/lolPseudoSmart

My cat had the same issue! Try and see if you can talk the vet down on costs. By taking my cat home and watching him myself, as well as taking off a lot of random stuff they added, it went from 2k cost to 1.2k cost! Also, tell him to look up care credit. I couldn't raise funds in time, but luckily there was a vet who took care credit and it was instant results on application. Also call other vets too that are well known to do good work and get costs from them!

I’ll pass this along to him thanks you ;A;!!

Edit on the situation Q___Q: http://ippus.tumblr.com/post/95838293749/sudden-unfortunate-turn-of-events

Please help! A friend’s cat is currently in a great deal of distress from a blockage in its bladder and needs to get surgery asap (As in this Thursday-Friday ASAP THIS IS URGENT. The doctors would have to put the cat down if he can’t make the surgery Q___Q!!!). 

Due to some financial issues and the fact that he’s a student, he can’t really afford the $2049.30 estimated cost quoted to him.

Charity page: http://www.gofundme.com/djrpyk
24 Hour Charity Stream (starting 1pm EST) : http://www.twitch.tv/pseudosmart
His Youtube Channel (incase you wanted to know who he is) :https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCrimsonRequiem
His Twitter (for updates): https://twitter.com/lolPseudoSmart

Any bit of donation would absolutely help. If you can please reblog this out to your friends who that we can find others who may be interested in helping too Q___Q!!

LoL: Arcade Miss Fortune by ippus

Ehhh stuff…and hair…weep
On another note:
We’ll be at Anime Revolution Table 63 this weekend :3!!



Don’t even talk to me.



I appreciate the fact that Mamoru doesn’t flinch. Is this a common occurence? Have enough people thrown trash at him that this doesn’t even phase him? Mamo-chan what is your life? 

This is quit annoying but what’s a little effort hue hue

Skullfairy @ AnimeExpo2014


Allllll the infos 8D catalog, location, etcccc