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Collection of art, work processes and random internet dumping by Na Young Irene Lee (aka. IPPUS) Hope you don't get lost :3

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I want to show this off but I’m too embarrassed to say what it is LOOOL Sorry about the inactivity guys. I was off in Asia for a month :’D

Hi Ippus! I wanted to know how long it takes you to finish an art piece like one of your league of legends prints? I've been watching speed paints and now I feel like I'm too slow > v >;; even though that's an unrealistic comparison. Your work always looks amazing!

I am like…SUPER SLOW. SUPER. DUPER SLOW. Like sketching and basic shaping is fast but god forbid I try to finish anything @_____@

So no worries :’D

ippus where do you get your prints done?

Some print shop in Toronto lol

I just noticed you said you tried to get to otafest this year? And you were trying for comic expo? Not going to lie, found you thanks to that Sylveon pic as I'm sure many others have. I just wanted to A. comment that ALL you're art is awesome and to keep up the work. B. Think your blog is a wonderful little oasis from the shenanigans that pop up all over Tumblr. and C. Let you know you might just see me at a convention if you visit the Calgary ones often ^^; Have a good day!

Oh god I’m so slow at responding to these ;A;”’

I’m actually probably not attending any Calgary cons this year since my partner can’t make it to CCEE and I don’t think we managed to get a spot for Otafest. We’re vying maybe for Animethon in Edmonton but I don’t honestly know the likelihood in that >< So much to camp lolol

hello ippus ! I want to play Bravery Default- but i do not have a Nintendo 3Ds- do you know if its possible to play on a pc or the old Nintendo SD ?

I don’t think you can :< As for emulators…I’m not all too sure either? I don’t particularly need one since I already have a 3DS and haven’t pirated games for years LOOOOL ;;;

Came for the Bloody Marie. Stayed for the League!


I've admired your art for so long, I was just wondering how old you were? Or just around how old you were when you started drawing?

I’m actually not really sure…I just remember really just doodling for a long time, but I only semi took it seriously when I was in my late teens. Prior to that it was a lot of time wasting scribbling that amounted to very little XD

followed for the poros because poros are the best

omg and I already like you just because you have Kururu on your dp :3

Flareon the false prophet :3 

It’s taking over my lifeeeeeeee