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Pixel iconmade by okyi

Haven’t drawn Camille in a while ever since our RP disbanded. It went through some rough treatment through the process but over time I came to realize that probably was the last time I’d see my character exist within that world. With that thought in mind I find it really hard drawing her, it’s like walking on a road that leads to nowhere and sometimes I find it difficult to recognize her face.

Well lately I got bored enough to try reworking an old completed drawing. To be honest when I originally finished it I wasn’t particular thrilled by the outcome but there was just no way for me to do anything more to it at the time. I just didn’t really know how to deal with it so I left it be but…mmm I think I can convey it better now, my intention that is.

Camille on the balcony of her room, how I envision the eternal regent to be like. Busy, with high rises of mildly gothic scenery.  

Anyway this is a work in progress. I really miss her ;^;

Original: http://fav.me/d3b4j58

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